1. How long is an article?

Different lengths. 400-800 words long.

2. Is every article unique?

Absolutely. Every single article is carefully and beautifully hand-written.

3. What is the turn-around time?

2-3 weeks.

4. Are these links dofollow?

More than 75% links would be dofollow.

5. Will these links stick?

Yes. If a link is down within 3 months, then we will replace it for free.

6. Can I provide you content myself?

You cannot.

7. Casino, Adult accepted?


8. Refund policy?

If we mess something up -we will surely fix it or refund.

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1. Turn around time?
A maximum of 2 weeks.

2. Porn, casino accepted?

3. How many keyword and urls can I provide?
As many you want to.

4. How many keywords and urls should I provide?
For best results- provide 1-4 urls and 3-6 keywords.

5. TF, DA, PR?
Average TF 15. Averade DA 15. We dont look at PR. PR has not been updated in the last 2 years and as of now- its almost useless stuff. Although half of the sites in the network are a PR2-PR4.

6. Do I get full report?
You only get 10% report file.

7. Refund policy?
Once an order is started- a refund can not be provided.

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1. How does the serp rise or refund guarantee works?
You can give any count of “keyword and urls” for an order but in order to be eligible for “serp rise or refund guarantee” you can not provide more than 2 urls and 4 keywords.
Once u make an order- u get the report in 2 weeks. Once u get the report, U have to wait for 3 more weeks and If u dont see results- U can ask for a full refund.

2. Will “Rank crest” rank me for forever?
The risk with Rank Crest is extremely low. Brand profiles, news based legit looking web2.0s, legit looking hi pr sites, legit looking QA sites. Links will look good to a human eye and therefore you are pretty safe.

3. Is it automated?
Nope. Every single link built in tier 1 is manually hand made.

4. What about the content?
We write a few articles and then spin them using WordAi and then push across all the sites.

5. Turn around time?
A maximum of 2 weeks.

6. Information on HI PR sites and QA sites?
Those sites are owned by us. Spread on multiple “shared hosting companies”. Look legit to eyes. Average DA 20+.. Average trust flow 10+. Average PR 3

7. Dofoll0w?
More than 70% links are dof0llow

8. Do I get a full report?
You get 50% report. We can not risk outting our QA and HI pr sites to everyone

9. Are the links permanent?

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