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Not many of you understand SEO, but if you understand SEO even a smidge- then you know that – owning just “1 link” from a huge high-authority website can do change the cards, forever.

Now, let me ask you one simple question-
How many of you know someone who has a website that has never lost it’s ranking in the past few years?
Probably none of you.

You see- The problem is- everyone is always trying to outsmart and cheat Google! But this approach – will not ever provide you with the permanent results you long for. Buying hundreds of links will rank you for a few months – but it will never be the long-term solution for a website that you are serious about.

Do you own a website that you are serious about?

Can you not afford to lose your ranking and everything that you have ever invested?

Do you want to immensely increase the authority of your website?

Do you want to get relevant and high-authority links that “ACTUALLY MAKE SENSE” and that actually could be of vast asset to you and your website?

If your answer is YES, then congratulations – We are confident that we can help you.

Presenting: Logical L2 links – Where the World’s Greatest Websites Link to You

Logical L2 links are links that enable you to get contextual links from some of the world’s most powerful and popular websites. (Average DA 70, Average tf 45, Average referring domain 35 thousand)…
We are fortunate to have access to many high-authority websites and we want to provide you a service that can give you links from their sites to you.


Step 1: You order our service and provide us with your keyword and urls.
Step 2: Our US/UK native writers, write content. We don’t just write plain, generic articles. We actually compose engaging articles that are interesting and that are effective at capturing an audience.
Step 3: We publish these articles on many high-authority websites that include a contextual link to your website.


There are many other similar services that you can get on the internet which can provide you links from high-authority websites, however these services are extremely expensive and will charge you hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars for merely a single link.
But…. With the Logical L2 Link package we are offering- all you need to pay is $35 for one, very valuable link.

This $35 flat rate, fee covers the cost of writing the article and publishing it too.


5 links pack- $175

10 links pack- $349

20 links pack- $599

Click here to order Logical L2 Links


Turn-around time?
2-3 weeks.

Who writes the content?
Our US and UK based native writers.

Are the links dofoll0w?
More than 75% links would be dofoll0w.

Will these links stick?
Yes. If a link is down within 3 months’, then we will replace it for free.

What do I need to provide you with?
Just your url and keywords.

Do you own these websites?
No. These are websites are like,,, and more. These are the world’s best websites which you can get a link from.

Are these hacked links?

Porn/Casino accepted?

How long is the content?
500-800 words long.

Can I provide you content myself?
You cannot.

Refund policy?
Once an order is started- a refund can not be provided.

Contact us:
Skype: aim100IM

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1. Turn around time?
A maximum of 2 weeks.

2. Porn, casino accepted?

3. How many keyword and urls can I provide?
As many you want to.

4. How many keywords and urls should I provide?
For best results- provide 1-4 urls and 3-6 keywords.

5. TF, DA, PR?
Average TF 15. Averade DA 15. We dont look at PR. PR has not been updated in the last 2 years and as of now- its almost useless stuff. Although half of the sites in the network are a PR2-PR4.

6. Do I get full report?
You only get 10% report file.

7. Refund policy?
Once an order is started- a refund can not be provided.

Contact Us:
Skype: aim100IM



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