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Emerging Eclipse Version V2 – 100% WhiteHat Brand New Link Type!

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A. What is the difference in Version 1 and Version 2?
We were constantly searching for new sites and the “fastest growing service of BHW – Emerging Eclipse”
is loaded with many new sites now. We have also improved our content quality. If you have been impressed with Emerging Eclipse V1 then be prepared to be even more amazed with Emerging Eclipse V2.

B. Are these links dofoll0w?
For “Basic eclipse” and “Advanced eclipse” – more than 80% of the links should be dof0ll0w.
For “Insane Eclipse” more than 50% of the links should be dof0ll0w.

C. Are these anchored links?
More than 40% of these should be anchored.

D. How many urls and keywords can I provide?
As many you want.

E. How many urls and keywords SHOULD I provide?
3-5 urls and 4-12 related keywords will do great.

F. What is the turn-around time?
Anything between 1-3 weeks. Depends on order count.

G. Refund policy?
Once an order is started – a refund cannot be provided.

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